Certificates of the CSCA-PKI

This website contains the certificates of the CSCA Public Key Infrastructure, that are issued by Cyprus CSCA. The certificates and lists are DER encoded and provided as ZIP archives. The corresponding links can be found below.

For further information on these certificates, please contact the CSCA directly.

The distinguished name of the CSCA is “C=CY, O=Republic of Cyprus, OU=Civil Registry and Migration Department, CN=CSCA-CYPRUS”.

Certificate Rollover

The next rollover of the CSCA certificate is planned for 2024.

Current CSCA Certificate (Certificate 07/2020)

The current main public key is available as self-signed certificate, and as link certificate, verifiable by the previous public key.

The "SubjectKeyIdentifier" (SHA-1)

The self-signed CSCA certificate has the SHA-256 fingerprint

The CSCA link certificate has the SHA-256 fingerprint

Previous CSCA certificate(s)

Certificate Revocation List (CRL)

The Certificate Revocation List of the CSCA can be downloaded here.
If you encounter any problems while downloading the CRL, please contact the CSCA.